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Just a little background reading/information, that will help give a flavor for what Ignite Athens is all about. Think: Olympic-style PowerPoint. :-)

  • Ignite Seattle I first heard the idea of Ignite -style presentations leading up to Gnomedex 2007. O Reilly s Brady Forrest and the crew from Ignite Seattle kicked butt at Gnomedex with their energy and style, and piqued my interest in the format. Here s a great blog post by Britt Reybould with links to the Ignite presentations. There s also Ignite Boston.
  • Pecha Kucha 20 slides/images, 20 seconds each, for a strict 6 minute 40 second presentation. Condense your message and energy down into that small space, then let it out in a poetry jam-style fast paced evening. First started by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham. Pecha kucha (pronounced peh-chak-cha) comes from the Japanese for the sound of conversation/chit-chat.
  • Lightning Talks I was first introduced to the concept of Lightning Talks at OSCON 2006, when Danese Cooper and Dawn Foster asked me to give one (strict 5 minute limit) on The Art of Community . Several others gave lightning talks on similar topics during the hour long session. It was fun!

This should give you a taste of what we re thinking more details to come as we think them up, and of course, we re open to your input. There are so many cool groups, conferences, meetups, organizations, and gangs in Portland that we think it would be awesome to have a night once every few months where we can all get together and share all of those ideas that are burning inside us technology, art, communications, or whatever the topic.

We re aiming to kick this thing off on September the 20th, so keep an eye on this site (subscribe to the feed!), and get ready to mark your calendar.

If you d like to volunteer, leave a comment, or email me at


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