Ignite History

Ignite Seattle 2006

Ignite is a fast-paced geek event started by Brady Forrest, Technology Evangelist for O’Reilly Media, and Bre Pettis of marketbomb.com, formerly of MAKE Magazine.

Each speaker gets five minutes on stage to present an idea, with 20 slides that automatically advance after 15 seconds.

Welcomed to attend are startupers, pioneers, visionaries, future Leaders, dreamers.

The first Ignite took place in Seattle in 2006! Since then Ignite has been a point of reference for major companies and leaders to go and share Innovation. Supported globally from company such as Intel, O Reilly, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, OpSource, Oracle, Parallels, PayPal, Percona and other leaders, Ignite Shows become an international phenomena with gatherings in more than 120 cities around the world!

Now it is landing to Greece… Athens, let’s Ignite!

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