Ignite Extended

Together with our Ignite Ambassadors, we are hosting free viewing Shows of the first Ignite Athens 2012!

Even if you can't attend Ignite Athens 2012 in person, this is a way to still connect with other talented Igniters and watch the sessions live. Part viewing party and part community building, Ignite Extended are free events focused on livestreaming parts of Ignite Athens. Depending on location, the event could also include local visionaries and other speaker sessions.

Throughout the "one2five" iPhone application and desktop integration, you can vote the for the best Talk or Speaker!

With Twitter you can submit live your questions to the "MegaTalks" morning session and get answers to your opinion, as well as interact for the mixer event after the Show!

Ignite it is all about sharing our passions, making it growth! Ignite it is all about get linked!

Click on a map location to register or find more about the Ignite Extended event in your area. Since these events are being organized by local community leaders and university ambassadors, please reach out to them specifically if you have any questions about the details.

Space is limited and registration is required!

Let's Ignite, enlighten us, but make it quick!