These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Ignite Athens.

What is Ignite Athens?

Ignite Athens is an evening of short presentations, it has been scheduled around 4 years now across the Globe! For the first time is landing to Greece.

At an event, you hear 15+ passionate speakers talking about their favorite topics, projects or pitches for just 5 minutes each. The lineup of presenters for each event is unique.

Who should attend Ignite Athens?

Anyone who wants to hear new and interesting ideas should attend an Ignite events. The presentations are informative and often quite humorous. It s an opportunity to hear ideas and people from outside of your normal sphere of influence.

Ignite Athens will give you direct contact to investors and international press, VCs, to present you and your passion, useful feedback, top notch workshops spreading the Knowledge of Innovators.

By mixing it up, new and exciting things can happen….It all starts from an Idea!

Not enough drop us an email: info@igniteathens.gr

What are the major differences in an Ignite and a TEDx event?

Think of an Ignite as an information exchange facilitated by rapid fire presentations from all aspects of the community with the purpose to inspire, connect the community, pitch your thoughts, network with Global audience and incubate ideas. At Ignite you are limited to 20 slides auto incrementing at 15 second intervals. Which gives each person 5 minutes

Think of TEDx as high powered lecture series. At TEDx events, you will typically see several engaging lectures from community luminaries that are inteded to educate and showcase you about their subject mater. TED talks can be anywhere from 3 to 18 minutes long generally. And they usually talk about case studies.

Ignite is the spark that will shape our future!

Now that I have pitched…what’s next?

The jury has already started analysing your idea and will come out shortly with a short list of ideas to discuss. We are trying to organize a workshop with the Jury and all the pitchers available in order to have a first taste of criterias

If I am not selected?

Do not worry, we loved all the ideas and we are here for disseminate all of you, we can “enlightening” you on how, when and to whom try to present it!

When are the results going to be announced?

Bu the end of October we are going to contact all the pitchers either selected or not, for gathering at the Ignite winners. The event is planned to take place in the first decade of November in Athens. During the event we will announce the winners and what is there for them. In the event members of the jury, mentors and tutors will say their word and explain to you what is next

What is next the “Ignite Winners” event and before the States?

After  the Ignite Winners, selected ideas will have a workshop class on how to approach the business plan all together. One of the selected idea will have  athree days course full immersion in Business Plan, the so called Ignite your Plan. That is offered thanking to Digiconsult Ltd, at its premises.

When will be our video available for dissemination?

We are editing at this very moment all the presentations and logically around the 15 of October all videos will be uploaded throughout our official channels!

What is going to happen now, after Ignite Athens?

A part from selecting the ideas that will fly to the leanstartup conf in San Francisco and arranging a one2one meeting with possible VC interested in partnering, we are already in the process of deliver a strategic communication plan for all the pitchers. We want to create the Innovation eco-system here in Greece, we want to make this community stronger; either by startegic partnerships with other grassroots initiatives, either by organising a tight schedule of workshops and little events. As request to host an Ignite Show in different cities of Greece is high, we are defining collaboration with other Igniters around Greece, so to be able to collect ideas and spark them, infuse them!

We are working on promoting startup and Greek startup culture, we aim at disseminate at the widest spectrum available all ideas, to share them and to see implementation. We are creating a platform of match2make, so to be able to link offer and request!

We are here for changing the rules and this is our top priority!

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